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Introducing Loredits

Welcome to Loredits. Our primary goal in all business decisions is to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction with all that we provide. This simple yet effective approach has fueled our growth since opening in 2015, and will continue to do so for years down the road. Browse our site to discover what we’re all about.

About Loredits

How We Got Our Start...

I founded Loredits in 2015 and I wanted to take other people’s dreams and turn them into a reality, their reality. Film has always been my passion. I am self-taught and then I learned more through school. This Freelance business of mine, I want to bring to life and have wanted to for years. This is my foot in the door and this is your opportunity to see what it’s like behind the scenes. What I mean by that is, I love being on-site (face to face) filming events, people, doing a documentary, an interview, etc.

I love to get my hands dirty and close up with all the action. The main thing about me is that I love to learn new tips and tricks on how to edit. Looking things up on YouTube or on Google is my go-to to learning new editing skills. If there is something I don’t know how to do that you want specifically in your project, I will look it up and learn it before doing anything. Also, when it comes to price, The first one is free, after that the price usually ranges from $ 25-35 an hour, but if there is a set price you have your mind to, let me know and I can work around that. I’m very open to answering whatever questions you may have. This business is not only to bring what your dreams are into a reality, it’s about us coming together and creating as one.

Out of Loredits, you will get a filmmaker and an editor. I also know how to make motion graphics if needed for the video, and I can provide audio production and audio editing. I hope that you will choose Loredits as the company that will make your dreams come true!

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Our Services

What We Provide

At Loredits, we’ve worked hard to offer smart, flexible, and affordable services that benefit all of our customers. No matter what your needs are, our team of experts will go out of their way to customize our solutions to exceed your expectations. Browse through our list of services, and call us today to book an introductory meeting.

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